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NFTs for anything

What would you like to own? The world is your playground. This site is the same as other NFTs marketplaces, but it's WAY easier to use!! No buying crypto, no waiting for tokens to mint, no fuss at all. You get to put your name on something!! Now you own it!! Where does the money go? Who cares?!? Just concentrate on the ownership thing.

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my first nft for $1.00 amfora for $10.00
1 for $1.00 wrong, i own this now. for $6.00
the number 1. for $1.00 this is foss, nobody owns it for $5.00
wrong, i own this now. for $6.00 intellectual property for $5.00
amfora for $10.00 hackernews for $3.00
the moon for $2.00 all of the below for $3.00
all of the below for $3.00 the moon for $2.00
inner peace for $1.00 the mastodon mascot for $1.00
the mastodon mascot for $1.00 inner peace for $1.00
google for $1.00 google for $1.00

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I actually think this is a genius thing.
β€” Henry Wilkinson, first owner of big chungus.

I have officially minted my website on Enough Tea, and i didn't even have to spend $50+ to do it! 12/10 best NFT service.
β€” boringcactus, first owner of boringcactus dot com.

This is crazy, you mean to tell me if someone likes what you're doing they can just send you money instead of destroying the planet?
β€” Γ–ppen

I have a feeling this could go completely bananas.
β€” Kat